‘Stop the Elephant development!’

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by Tayo Andoh and Danni Mayall


Elephant and Castle is currently the centre of controversy due to plans to redevelop the area in one of London’s biggest regeneration projects.

The developer, Delancey put forward a number of proposals to replace the shopping centre with “more homes to rent, enhanced restaurant and leisure opportunities and a new cutting-edge university campus for London College of Communication (LCC).”

However, residents of Southwark and local organisations have raised concerns that not enough social housing is being built. A protest was held outside Southwark Council’s headquarters, those who did not approve of the move came out in unity to show their opposition to the regeneration.

Glyn Robbins, Homes for All Campaign described Delancey’s plans as “profit-driven”.  A representative of Latin Elephant said: “what we want is to gain better and fairer deal for our communities, that’s all we’re asking for.”

UAL has been criticised by students who feel the university shouldn’t back the plans. As a result, students occupied the main reception area of LCC for a number of days to get their voices heard. Southwark Council’s planning committee previously rejected the application but have since deferred their decision at the request of Delancey until early March.

Head of LCC Natalie Brett said in a statement “Deferring the final decision until March will enable Delancey and UAL to continue discussions with local Councillors, Southwark Council and key local stakeholders to address the key issues and concerns raised, and to find positive resolutions to these.”




Featured Image by Tayo Andoh

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