What does ‘progression’ mean?

"Progression" vox pop

Interviewers: Molly Burgess and Teresa Gottein / Text and images: Teresa Gottein


The February 2018 issue of Artefact Magazine comes with the theme “progression”. Several stories relate to topics that deserve to be addressed regularly due to its relevance in society. However, at the beginning of a year filled with hope for a fairer world in aspects that range from human rights to environmental change, it seems appropriate to give this term a special mention.

Our cover shows what progression means to the team here at Artefact, yet this publication would be nothing without its readers and the community that surrounds and inspires us. We had a walk around LCC to find out what pops into people’s minds when thinking of progression. These were our favourite answers:

  • Olivia, 25, MA Film student: "We need to be more sustainable and respect both nature and ourselves."






Featured image by Teresa Gottein