Building Castells

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By Elyse O’Donnell and Molly Burgess

Trying to make it in the music industry is a hard task in the modern day with so many talented aspiring musicians trying to share their talent.

Artefact met up with four piece band Castells, to gain an insight into how a new band can make a name for themselves. Connor, Marc, Rob and Matt gave us a glimpse into their musical life sharing their jobs, achievements and dreams.

Growing up, each member of Castells had previously been involved in other bands, it was only within the last six months that the four talented musicians decided to come together as one. During this time they have released one single, Do You Remember, which gained 2.7K views on Facebook.

On top of that, the band have been working hard on their new singles which they are hoping to release in the near future. They are now starting to get more gigs and are gaining more of a following. The latest gig was held at The Social in Soho which was filled with lots of friends, family and general supporters of the group – Artefact was lucky enough to see it first hand.

As a band, it is clear that Castells have great determination to reach all of their aspirations as a band and are really starting to find their sound and place in the music world -starting with a headlining spot at the Finsbury Pub, Harringay on the 19th March 2018.



Featured Image courtesy of Castells Facebook Page.


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