Fundraising at the Yellow House

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Words by Sophia Mallett. Video shot and edited by Sophia Mallett, Elliott Nielson and Neve Fear-Smith.


On December 1, 2018, residents of a London warehouse district opened their homes to host a day of open warehouse workshops, coming together to help fundraise for The Yellow Days Festival in Athens, Greece.

The Yellow Days is a charity working to remind us all that there is more that unites us than divides us. Founded by three friends in 2016, the festival integrates human essence through the sharing of our creativity and cultures, bringing together refugees with people of the community. The first festival in 2017 was held in Leros, Greece.

Hidden amongst a jungle made from recycled plastic found within the district was an array of workshops which included an open mic, yoga, arts and crafts, forums and dancing. The fundraiser helped to raise £2,200 towards next year’s festival and highlighted the power that is born when we all come together.

Explore The Yellow House below and immerse yourself in an experience of overwhelming love, creativity, and hope.





Stay up to date with The Yellow Days here, or discover more about when Artefact met The Yellow Days here and at

Featured Image by The Yellow Days.

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