What is so attractive about CBD products?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is making a name for itself away from the typical stereotypes that come with talking about the cannabis sativa plant. It is increasingly becoming a health product which claims that it can help with stress, anxiety and relieving pain.

Over the past couple of years, this ingredient has been trending in the health and beauty market even though there is little evidence to support the benefits. However, this is starting to change as more scientists are putting time and research into the ingredient.

Sue Massie, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Greyhound Chromatography, says CBD products are making an impact: “There is no evidence of the benefits of using CBD oil over a long period of time. It’s a very new market in that respect, although there is evidence of people using CBD oil as a food supplement. Its benefits are currently a hot topic amongst the scientific and medical community.

“I don’t believe that its just a trend, the early signs of significant success of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy and pain relief related to cancer leads me to have faith in the pharmaceutical industry developing CBD oil as a routine medicine. A lot of the stigma associated with taking cannabis has been lessened by education, although in general, people have a better understanding that CBD oil is not the same as taking cannabis,” she told us.

“We are in an age where people expect to have available everything that will help with their health, and government restrictions on the use of cannabis as a medicine are seen as out of proportion to the benefits of taking it. I personally use CBD oil, I buy it on the high street at 5% strength, it has greatly improved the texture of my hair, noticeably so, and I will continue to take it for that benefit alone.”

Box of organic hemp tea from Biopurus, with 1,6% CBD

CBD comes in a range of products and ‘Hemp Tea’ is an example of the products that can be found on the For The Ageless website [For The Ageless]

CBD is the part of the cannabis sativa plant that is non-psychoactive, making it a legal ingredient to use. As it grows in popularity, more mainstream beauty and skincare retailers are releasing ranges that incorporate the multi-use drug.

This includes Revolution Beauty and BodyShop’s new CBD-infused skincare and make-up lines. Retailers including Holland and Barrett have also stocked up on CBD or hemp-infused products.

Around six million Britons have tried CBD or made a purchase of an infused product in the last year, the Centre for Medical Cannabis has revealed. The ingredient can be found in many products, from sweets to creams. Adding CBD to make-up is a newer phenomenon which started in the United States and has since made its way all around the world.

Daniel, chief executive of the website For The Ageless, explained the type of products his company sells to consumers: “[We] only stock CBD products produced from organically-grown hemp. Another feature we prefer is a product made from whole-plant extract.

“Whole plant extract contains all ingredients present in the plant, raw oils are the most natural form the extract can be. This makes oils that are viscous with a strong hemp flavour but they are also more beneficial due to the entourage effect,” he told us.

“We personally test all products before we feature them on the site. Every CBD oil, gummy, balm and capsule has been tried by the team. We also pass them onto our friends and family to gain further feedback on their effectiveness and quality. This ensures we feature only high-quality products that we know inside out. If the feedback is poor, we do not stock it. If standards slip or we think a product is no longer providing good value we stop selling it.”

It is clear that CBD is having a positive impact, although the benefits listed are yet to be supported by scientific research. For now, it is a good alternative to using medical cannabis or smoking weed.

“It definitely has a long-lasting impact on the majority of our customers otherwise they would not keep returning. Hemp is not a new plant, but extracting full-spectrum CBD from it and making it available to the masses is for sure a game-changer to our ageing society that is seeking new ways to manage all sorts of chronic diseases and psychical issues,” Daniel said.

The market around CBD is growing and according to both Sue and Daniel the trend is not stopping anytime soon: “The impact CBD is having on the quality of life and the continued growth of the UK market speaks for itself,” Daniel said.

“Many products have their moment in their spotlight but few continue to hold that spotlight and grow to become mainstream. CBD is now available on every high street, it is available in supermarkets, pharmacies and I have even seen it in Doctors surgeries and pharmacies,” he added.

CBD is definitely here to stay and big brands are finding new ways to use the product in order to branch out to wider audiences. CBD has proven successful in health and beauty sales, but only future research can determine whether CBD has the health benefits many companies claim it has.





Featured image by Kimzy Nanney via Unsplash.

Edited by Franziska Eberlein and Kesia Evans.