Breaking the glass deck

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An original documentary by: Alexandra Stegerean, Chantice Ebanks-Clarke, Charlie Cunniffe, Hanna Linnéa Mödder, Lauren Gordon, Lina Sleptsover, Rosie Paldi Edwards, Safa Sharif, Stella Anni Schmieder.


The music industry is a significant part of UK culture but is still heavily male-dominated. 

This documentary examines the issue and has provided a platform for women to share their truth and raise awareness.

UK Music reported that the proportion of women working in the music industry has reached a record high of 49%. So you have to wonder why half of the industry still face discrimination. 

One of our guest speakers, a female DJ, and many other women in the industry are fed up that their gender is part of their job title and are routinely referred to as “female DJs”. 

We went from Peckham to Shoreditch to Brighton, searching for DJs to speak on the gender imbalance of the UK’s music industry, we spoke to party-goers to find out what they really think about the women in the industry, and whether they have it harder.

To get an insight into the experiences of female DJs worldwide, we talked to world-renowned DJ Marusha from Germany to shed some light on the realities of the industry through telling their stories and, in doing so, inspire a new generation of women in music. 



Music credits: Party produced by Kp Beatz, Think About Me by Jess Palmer, and Forgotten People by Jacob Fowler.

Featured image by the production team.

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