Exploring London through its cocktails

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Launched in 2010, London Cocktail Week has become the biggest festival of its kind in the world; a signature drink prepared by each bar is priced at just £7 with the purchase of a wristband, making it a cheap night out and a celebration of all the cocktails the city has to offer.  

Around 300 of London’s top bars are participating in the festival this year, and at just £15, the wristband is by far the most affordable way to explore the city’s elite cocktail culture.  

Each participating establishment has created a specialty drink to tempt even the most seasoned drinkers to try something new. There is something for everyone, from the Santiago De Cuba Rum-based drinks served at Be At One to the dry gin-based martinis prepared at Barts with delicious homemade mandarin liqueur.  

We visited a few bars in Covent Garden to sample their signature drinks and some of the unusual and unique cocktails that were offered during the event. 

Black and white photo of a bar with bartenders in white shirts with bow ties
Enjoy your cocktails responsibly [Pixabay: Life-Of-Pics]

Visit Be At One in Covent Garden for the “Lyceum Collins,” a delicious and pleasant concoction of Cuban rum, blue Caracao Liqueur, lime juice, and sugar syrup. We gave this cocktail an 8-out-of-10 for consistency and a 6-out-of-10 for strength. It is a good day-time beverage that’s packed with a cooling kick. 

Head to The Little Cocktail Bar in Covent Garden to the Stoli cocktail van if you want to be more daring with your £7 cocktail option. We sampled the incredibly flavorful and potent Blackberry Mint Mule. It was a venue that did well in the drunkability department, achieving a 9-out-of-10. The staff were also very friendly. 

Around London, there are additional Little Cocktail Villages that each offer a distinct cocktail for £7 with a wristband. Belgravia, Borough Yards, and Devonshire Square are among the locations. 

Go to Soho’s Kingly Court to Cahoots if you truly want to go above and wow your cocktail aficionado friends. A subterranean bar decorated in a 1940’s style blitz design transports you back in time.

The “Guerilla” cocktail is being offered this week, a mixture of Tanqueray, Lillet Blanc Akashi tai Ginjo Yaz shul, and Japanese rice wine that been infused with nori seaweed. We gave the ambience at this bar a well deserved 10/10, and the cocktail received a very strong 9/10.  

 Grab your wristband and start exploring because the festival only runs until October 23rd. Our verdict is it is worth the £15, additionally concessionary wristbands are being offered to people who are working within the hospitality industry at no extra cost! 

Featured image by LicorBierao via Pixabay.

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