Fear of Missing Out

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We all know the feeling. You are busy doing something important, but then your phone pings and you just can not ignore it. We all suffer from FOMO – that fear of missing out.

However, imagine living in a place where being part of a community is very important and fitting in is everything. In the China FOMO is a serious problem because young people are under pressure to be acceptable to everyone.

So why is fitting in so important in Chinese culture and how can people from China overcome this problem?

It is a very complicated issue, and there is no easy solution; it’s been suggested that young people in China need more education on how to manage social media and perhaps society needs to change a little to help them.

In this video, we hear from an influencer who has more than 63,000 instagram followers about her experiences and how fear of missing out affects her life, along with the opinion about the psychologist from China. Helping you to understand FOMO.

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