Welcome to Artefact!

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We’re sweet young things from University of the Arts London but hold on there cowboy – we’re not just a by-the-students, for-the-students magazine.

We want to appeal to everyone from all walks of life. So we’ve wiped our slate clean to bring you a fresh design, producing articles which are raw and radical.

So why Artefact? Art. Fact. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve combined our creative forces to bring you the latest that London has to offer, with contributions from our writers and photographers to create a delicious swirl of talent. As students from an art-based institution fresh creative content is crucial to our ethos here at Artefact. Our photographers and illustrators will help us to tell our stories, bringing our words to life and bringing you, our readers, to the forefront.

Artefact is available both in print and online for free, so keep your eyes peeled for our debut issue that will be hot off the press in mid November and grab one before it gets tepid.

So check out what we’ve been up to in the next few weeks, as we’ll be updating the site as quick as our typing skills will allow.

Featured photography by © Isabelle Andarakis

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