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“I don’t know if I’m a control freak or not, but I go mad when I lose control of anything.”

Just moments later Rosie’s drummer’s headphones become unplugged somehow and there are a few awkward seconds reminding us all of the inevitable imperfections of up-and-coming artists’ first live experiences.

The irony of the situation is at first amusing but is quickly diffused due to Lowe’s calm and collected response – she just laughs, and smiles towards the audience – the perfect example of her poise and confidence on stage.

It’s a bleak and wet Tuesday evening in East London, the crowd are a mixed handful of young creatives and oversized-scarf-wearing couples.

The venue, Concrete, is situated underneath the ever-popular Pizza East on Shoreditch High Street. The venue strikes a perfect balance between space and intimacy.

Speaking to The 405, Rosie said, “When I approach a new artist, I never dig what they look like. Most of the artists I love I don’t know what they look like until later on, because the music is what’s really important about it.”

[pullquote align=”right”]When performing you can see she’s put a lot of herself into each song, which for a perfectionist, is probably very difficult. [/pullquote]

This quote is very fitting as I heard her music before I knew what she looked like. And there was almost a collective gasp as Lowe walked out onto the Concrete stage.

Lowe is breathtakingly beautiful, but is also an incredibly interesting person to watch. When performing you can see she’s put a lot of herself into each song, which for a perfectionist, is probably very difficult. Rosie is an empowered seductress, yet seems fragile and modest.

I’ll Be Gone is a highlight, along with Nicole which Lowe explains is about her best friend – revealing Lowe’s ability to write sexy and smooth tracks.

Lowe is currently working on her debut album but has released her EP Right Thing and a separate single Water Came Down, which has been played on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and gives us a look into the ambient, R&B sleekness that I’m sure we can expect from the album.


Featured photo by Victor Frankowski

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