Seen on campus| What’s your biggest indulgence?

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Antonia Beard, England
BA Fashion Textiles, London College of

Antonia Beard, BA Fashion Textiles, England

Dance music. I can spend a weekend dancing.


Xue Chen, China
BA Fashion Womenswear, London College of Fashion

Xue Chen, BA Fashion Womenswear, China

Drawings. I can always find inspiration from drawings and I love colour.

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Bashar Baklawan, Jerusalem
Foundation Diploma in Architecture, Central Saint Martins

Bashar Baklawan, Foundation Architecture, Jerusalem

Painting. It’s been my hobby since I was a kid and I’m quite attached to it.


Zerrin Asir, England
BA Fashion Styling and Photography, London College of Fashion 

Zerrin Asir, BA Fashion Styling and Photography, England

Picking my nose. It’s just freeing.

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Oliver Lee, South Korea
BA Fashion Menswear, Central Saint Martins

Oliver Lee, BA Fashion Menswear, South Korea

Death and the world after death. I don’t know why.


Pablo Di Prima, Spain
BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins

Pablo Di Prima, BA Graphic Design, Spain

Flares. I just love them.



Photography by Yifan Chen

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