Restaurant | Sushi Tetsu: The best sushi in London

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Sushi Tetsu

As we entered we were warmly greeted by Harumi Takahashi, the chef’s wife, and taken to our seats.

Toru Takahashi, chef and owner of Sushi Tetsu, stood behind the bar preparing his tools and instruments for the night. He bowed formally; the curtains fell behind us, creating a dim and intimate atmosphere.

Mellow jazz music enclosed us into the atmosphere. Toru took a wasabi root and started grinding it in smooth, circular motions. The show had begun.

I’d booked a two-hour time slot, choosing the Omakase selection. Omakase means ‘entrusting the chef’ and I didn’t doubt my choice as I watched Toru’s hands glide gracefully, rolling the pearls of rice into perfect oblong mouthfuls.

The fruits of the ocean were fresh and carefully selected: yellowtail tuna and sea urchin were cut with clinical precision or blow torched to perfect crisp consistency.

I took a mouthful; the textures and flavours melted together to create an explosion of indescribable taste. I wanted more.

Sadly, our show ended all too quickly. I’d loved watching the art of making nigiri and enjoyed the fascinating conversations with Toru and Harumi, sharing their worldwide knowledge of food.

Revealing the secret of Sushi Tetsu would be sacrilegious to the sushi lovers of London.

To taste the best sushi, situated in Farringdon, London, you must stay on the phone for a day and can only make bookings on the first and third Monday of each month, four weeks in advance.

The restaurant itself only seats seven people. My booking alone took over 200 calls. I have the phone records to prove it.

However, it’s definitely worth the hassle, and I’d go through it a million times to return to the secret world of Sushi Tetsu.


Featured photo by MnGyver 

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