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Duck & Waffle 1Walking through the glass doors towards the escalator, everything seemed to sparkle. The lift arrived and shot up in seconds taking us to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower. Not only was I amazed by the phenomenal view but by the thrill I received. It felt like a miniature ride.

Behind door number forty I could hear laughter and calm lounge music. We walked into a room filled with chic black and white décor, glass chandeliers, and dim spotlights.

Once seated we opened the menus – and the look of displeasure that plastered our faces was hilarious. I looked at my friend, thinking ‘what the hell is all this?’ After our little outburst, we settled down and agreed to try the different zany dishes.

Duck & Waffle’s menu is inspired by broad European and British influences. It places emphasis on rustic, seasonal and sustainable British ingredients and offers playful takes on traditional cuisine.

I ordered the signature dish; the duck and waffle with mustard and maple syrup sauce. The service was very efficient thanks to our assigned waiter, who was extremely friendly.

Nervously waiting for our food, I never imagined that these unusual combinations would work. Who would’ve thought a hot, sweet tasting waffle would go hand-in-hand with crispy duck? I certainly didn’t. But to my surprise, it worked.

For a pricey £17, the waffle was delicious; thick, warm, and soft – just right. The duck carefully placed on top was perfect. Not too hard or crispy. I had to order more.

We sampled and shared a variety of dishes, from salmon, to beef, to barbecue-spiced crispy pig ears ordered from the all-day menu.

The menu is sectioned into six parts: snacks, seafood, fresh baked breads, small plates, ‘for the table’ (much larger dishes) and sides. The all-day menu caters for everything, whether you have a large appetite or just feel a little peckish, there’s something for you.

Duck & Waffle is conveniently open 24 hours a day. Whether you fancy a filling breakfast before work, or if you’re out in the city and want a midnight snack and a casual cocktail, there are options for everyone.

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY


Images courtesy of Samba Brands

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