Sartori restaurant: homemade pizza in the heart of London

Sartori restaurant, Leicester Square. [Elvira Nuriakhmetova]

Introducing Sartori; arguably the best Italian restaurant in Central London.

Located in the heart of the ever–vibrant Leicester Square, it’s a humble and delicious place to stop off for a hearty pizza.

The restaurant was very busy the day I attended, and all the tables were fully booked. The atmosphere in Sartori was buzzing and I felt like I was in Napoli; the place was alive with enthusiasm and people were speaking Italian all around me.

Sartori’s menu is simple but extraordinary, and the staff are very attentive and ready to offer recommendations.

In addition to the rustic interior, the restaurant has a traditional giant wood–burning brick oven, which is perfectly fitted in the open kitchen. It brings the whole room alive with the warmth and the aroma of the authentic smoky flavour.

My Rucola pizza, for £11.95, had a suitably crisp-edged yet pliable base. Toppings were of high quality but the tomato puree was very wet making the base soggy, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Fresh rocket in the middle of the pizza with strips of  prosciutto  and  shavings of Parmesan cheese created a classic ensemble.

For £20 you can drink a bottle from a large range of Italian wines to compliment your dish.

If you want to feel as if you’ve been teleported to Italy, just go to Sartori and get your Italian-enriched experience cheaper than a flight to Napoli.

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Sartori, 15-18 Great Newport Street, London

Photos by Elvira Nuriakhmetova