Top of the tweets: Twitter accounts to follow

There are 284 million monthly users on Twitter. Over 500 million Tweets are sent per day globally. With so much choice available, it can be tough to know who to follow. In no particular order, we’ve listed seven Twitter accounts to follow for news and opinion which offer a different angle to the mainstream.

@JamieJBartlettTelegraph blogger and author of The Dark Net, Jamie is an expert when it comes to internet activity and viral influences on democracy. He’s a politically astute journalist and public speaker, often discussing cyber crime and cyber hate. Follow him for more information on the world of illegal online activities, Darknet drug consumption trends and lecture dates.

@LouiseMensch – The former Conservative MP made headlines last week for telling David Cameron and the Queen to “fuck off” after flying flags on UK Government buildings at half-mast following the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. A columnist for many publications, Mensch is worth following for her political presence on social media. Sometimes very critical and a different voice to the mainstream, she also took part in the questioning of Rupert Murdoch over the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

@thugclive – Clive Martin is the voice of Vice when it comes to matters about London, partying and giant Icelandic men. He echoes the voice of Londoners in their twenty-somethings and is best known as a chronicler of UK nightlife in Vice‘s ‘Big Night Out’ series. Follow for the knock on effects of gentrification.

@Jake_Hanrahan – Easily one of the best reporters at Vice. In the past year he’s investigated PKK youth in Turkey, Kurdish residents and international drug barons who operated on Silk Road. He focuses on subcultures, crime, conflict and politics, and always hits the nail on the head.

@iamjohnoliver – British comedian who’s made the jump to America and become a TV sensation. Anchor for the Last Week Tonight show, John talks about hard news, but in a comical manner. Although the majority of his focus is on American matters, he also touches on global issues and offers a different perspective on the headlines.

@amandahess – Transatlantic feminist and writer for Slate, Amanda Hess is miles ahead in her writing and vision, often very topical and offering fresh ideas on issues and events. An engaging reporter on sex, Hollywood, media and technology, she has the ability to write socially conscious journalism, and reports on identity in an intelligent way. Check out her piece Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet.

@SalmanRushdie – One of the most controversial on the list, Rushdie recently hit the headlines after offering solidarity to the Charlie Hebdo victims. A more polarized opinion outside the mainstream, if you don’t always agree with what’s topical or on the news than you’re more likely to find another angle on Salman’s social media account.

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