Artefact print issue #4 now out

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February brings with it Artefact‘s fourth print instalment – The Liberty Issue – available now in all six UAL colleges and a multitude of cafes, bars, pubs and hotspots around London.

With an eye-catching hot pink, abstract cover courtesy of London designer Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane, the issue focuses on the theme of liberty – timely in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders and the many global issues currently threatening social and political freedoms.

Highlights inside include an extensive interview with popular news anchor Jon Snow, discussing his views on freedom in the press. We also talk with celebrated designer, film maker and typographer Jonathan Barnbrook, and a fellow UAL graduate – documentary photographer Carl Bigmore.

Our in–depth examination of the Grind whaling cull in the Faroe Islands raises questions of cultural freedom – should this age-old tradition be upheld, or should the pilot whales be liberated from this annual bloodshed?

Elsewhere in the issue, we speculate on the unpredictability of the forthcoming UK election, the contemporary liberation of Afghan women, and an overview of five defining moments in the history of free speech.

All that and a whole heap of news, opinion, music reviews, fashion, sports and photojournalism, delivered from our raw, off–centre perspective. Grab a copy and check out what’s going on in the world of Artefact.

Image: Supermundane 2015

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