Yoga lovers salute the sun from high in the sky

Yoga fanatics are being given the opportunity to do their best downward facing dog against the backdrop of London’s beautiful skyline.

The Yoga in the Sky classes will be held 80 metres up in the sky in Britain’s largest sculpture the ArcelorMittal Orbit, overlooking Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, home of the 2012 Olympics in East London.

As well as a spectacular view of the former Olympic Park, yoga buffs will also be treated to views of London landmarks such as The Shard, St Paul’s and Canary Wharf.

This unique yoga experience is just one of the classes available to view-loving athletes in London: other class venues include the glass floor at Tower Bridge, and Yogasphere on the top floor of The Shard – 310 metres above ground.

In an interview with Stylist, yoga teacher Rebecca Spooner described the height defying classes as “uplifting, highlighting the benefits the visual aspects have on individuals yoga workout. Because of the height, it’s a beautiful view, it doesn’t get better.”

Lasting one hour, the classes focus on technique, posture, and breathing whilst absorbing the breathtaking views of London at dawn.

This is not a first in the world of yoga. Serene Social, a wellness and lifestyle membership network featuring a digital hub, have organised classes taking place in the oasis of terraces and rooftop gardens all over the world – some of the classes were even held on the rooftops of ski lodges overlooking the snow scenery.

Yoga in the Sky is set to launch in East London on March 7. Classes will cost £17.50 and start at 7am for advanced and 8.15am for beginners.


Featured image by Eli Christman via Flickr