Solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands

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The normally tranquil Faroe Islands are currently swarming with an estimated 8,000 tourists lining up to watch the full Solar eclipse, here’s hoping that the Land of Maybe’s fog doesn’t roll in.

The eclipse will take place at 8:45 am GMT where it begins it’s path which will last for a few hours. It starts in the Norwegian islands of Svalbard, where hundreds of astronomers await the fullest of the eclipse, the actual moment of complete solar eclipse only lasts around two minutes.

The Faroe Islands is one of the best places to witness the eclipse, with 98 per cent of the sun being covered. Hotels, houses and cars are fully booked out.

A series of festivities will take place in the Islands after the eclipse. These include the Faroese dance, exhibitions and people will undoubtedly be drinking Faroese Bjór, their local beer.

Bryndis and Amy Kirby are in the Faroe Islands to bring you all the festivities of the day.

Featured image by Amy Kirby


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