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Cereal lovers unite!
If you are looking for a breakfast spot – or a place for a snack at any point of the day – that fulfils your sugar cravings all in one sitting, then you should take a trip to the Cereal Killer Café in Camden, where you can get your hands on some tasty, albeit pricey, cereals.

Cereals available at cereal killer cafe

One section of the wide range of cereals available

The café offers a wide range of cereal varieties from around the world including American favourites such as Krave, Reece’s Puffs, Lucky Charms and so many more.

With your cereal is the choice of 13 different milk flavours ranging from regular skimmed and soya, to bubblegum and white chocolate flavour.

Cereal menu

Some of the ‘Cereal Cocktails’ available

This can pose problems if you are indecisive (like me!), as the possibilities are endless.

Once you have eventually decided on your cereal and milk, you then get the choice of additional toppings (for an extra 60p each) and the chance of spending another hour at the counter deciding what to get.

The menu isn’t limited to cereal either, the café also sells a range of other novelty breakfast treats such as Pop Tarts, toast with unusual topping choices such as marshmallow fluff and popping candy spread and hot drinks such as their stacked Nutella hot chocolate, which sadly, I didn’t actually try, but can only imagine would be delicious.

Cereal eaters can also choose between a list of set ‘Cereal Cocktails’ which could come in very handy if you have trouble making important decisions in life such as what milk goes best with your cereal.

One of my favourite things about the Cereal Killer Café is the wide range of choice they have on offer; I noticed cereals I never knew existed until my visit.

Bowl of cereal

Sprinkled donut flavour Cap’n crunch with a Kinder Happy Hippo and Oreo biscuits

Before going there I definitely didn’t envision myself sitting down to eat a bowl of glazed, sprinkled doughnut flavour cereal with a Kinder Happy Hippo and crushed Oreos on top.

Therefore, I’d say the main benefit of going here is that you can try out cereals you might never have the chance to eat or buy.

I personally wouldn’t go here just to eat a standard bowl of Weetabix for a fiver as I can simply do this at home. However they do sell standard everyday UK cereals here and if you are looking for a healthier option they have some granola and muesli available.

If you do happen to go there I recommend taking your time deciding and to be adventurous in your choice as it can add to the whole cereal eating experience.

seating area cereal killer cafe

Beds in the house-style seating area

This café is quite a novelty, you go here for the atmosphere and the fun factor rather than for a 4* dining experience.

That being said, the service is excellent, quick as expected and once you have decided on a cereal you are given a small bottle containing the milk you’ve chosen and you are free to take a seat, or a bed (yes, they actually have beds) in a very retro-house style seating area.

While I would definitely return here to try out more delicious cereal concoctions, I wouldn’t make it a regular occurrence mainly due to the value for money, or lack thereof. I left with more of a sugar high than anything else, but then again I do have a big appetite.

Topping list- cereal menu

Some of the toppings available

If like me you do happen to leave there feeling hungry, you are not short of food options to pick from next.

Cereal Killer Café is situated in a lovely area amidst the stables in Chalk Farm Road, just a short walk away from Camden/Chalk Farm station surrounded by an abundance of pop-ups and market stalls from around the world.

When you leave the café you are struck by the wonderful aroma of freshly cooked Chinese, Indian, kebabs and more.

Overall I would definitely recommend popping by for the experience.

Although the food may be a tad overpriced, it is definitely unique in style and offers an alternative to your everyday breakfast.



Cereal Killer Cafe, Stables Market, Mezz 2, Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London NW1 8AH

All images by Rachel Atkinson

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