Instagram: the new business tool

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has catapulted to social media stardom; more than 400 million users across the world collectively share photos and videos daily.

For many of us, Instagram has been an escape from other social networking sites such as Facebook, providing endless hours of entertainment.

However, for many innovative users, it has been more than just a few appreciative ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

Being a community built on the power of visual storytelling, many Instagram users have now started to use this platform as a way to showcase products and services in a rich, visual context.

Although Instagram lets users bring their business to life via an app, it also gives users the ability to stand out, learn more about their followers and reach more of their target consumers.

Compelling ads on Instagram are designed with a little planning at the beginning, whether you’re trying to tell more people about your business or get potential customers to take a look at your website, Instagram can be used to achieve your business goals.

The photo-sharing app is not only important for retailers or restaurants, it is now one of the most effective, brand building tools available today as it is a platform for free promotion.

It is also a hub where people can find a visual identity for their business.

Without a strong online presence, companies are at risk of being ignored or forgotten amongst the new generation of consumers; being active on Instagram can change that.

Among UK teens Instagram is considered the single, most important social networking website.

For make-up enthusiast Mona Ismail, it has opened up a world of opportunities for her brand, Misma Cosmetics, where she gained fame for posting daily images of her online cosmetics.

In a recent interview with Mona, she gave Artefact tips on how to come up with the best business strategies and best practices for brand.




Featured image by Mona Ismail


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