How fragrance-zoning can help you switch off

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our homes haven’t just become our living spaces but also our offices, schools, gyms, restaurants, cinemas, and while working from home can be great, it can blur the lines between personal and professional life.

According to John Lewis, home fragrance sales are due to be booming this year due to a new trend called ‘fragrance-zoning’. The new trend has taken inspiration from perfume wardrobes; it’s all about creating moods throughout your home by dividing your house and your day, by using different scents to differentiate between working and relaxing.

Essential oil diffuser to fragrance-zone with

Vitruvi essential oil diffuser [Instagram: Vitruvi]

Wil is a home design stylist at John Lewis: “With many of us working from home; it can be challenging to find motivation during the working hours and then switch off once it hits 5:00 pm.

“Fragrance-zoning is the art of using fragrance throughout your home to boost your wellbeing and also your mood. The trend actually came from hotels; they’ve been incorporating scents such as lavender in the bedrooms to create a relaxing environment and citrus in the reception to create a positive environment for guests. It can be a compelling thing,” Wil tells us.

Certain scents can send subconscious triggers to our brains to switch us into a completely different mood. Dr Nikki Steinberg, a neuroscientist from London, tells us: “Our smell is linked to a specific part of the brain that triggers our memories and emotions. Because of this, fragrances and essential oils can have an extremely positive effect on our emotions.”

Kate from Wyld Origins recommends using one scent for the daytime: “Add a zesty or citrus-scented candle/reed diffuser to your home office whilst you work to help with productivity and motivation throughout the working day. The ideal way to get the most out of the scent is using a diffuser, as it will release the fragrance slowly without overpowering.”

For the afternoon time, switch to something calming to balance emotions: amber and sandalwood is a great scent to give your brain that extra boost and awaken you slowly post-lunch.

Diptyque candles to help relax in the evening

Diptyque candles [Instagram: Diptyque]

If you’re struggling to switch off at night, this could be because our space we’re working in during the day, blends into our relaxing space in the evening, which can make it harder for our minds to switch off.

For the evening time, Kate recommends using either jasmine or lavender: “Lavender is known for its natural qualities to treat insomnia and increase our sleep, so incorporating this into our bedrooms will help us to switch off. The best way to use lavender in our space is through a pillow mist as it will continue to benefit us whilst we sleep.

“Also having a jasmine-scented candle next to our beds will help create a soothing environment and get our bodies ready for sleep. Jasmine is also well known for its sleep-enhancing properties the same as lavender.”

It’s no surprise that home fragrance sales have boomed during the past year. According to John Lewis, web searches for reed diffusers have increased by +1,017% and candle searches by +182%.

So, which scent will you choose to start fragrance-zoning?

Scents for boosting energy: 

Kate from Wyld Origins recommends the Lime and Black Pepper Scented Candle, a zesty fragrance known to lift the mood.

Scents to boost concentration:

The White Company Electronic Diffuser and Neal’s Yard Orange Organic Essential Oil, known for uplifting and revitalising.

Scents for creating a relaxing environment:

Diptyque Jasmine Scented Candle to help switch your brain off and get your mind relaxed.

Scents to help with sleep:

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help you drift off to enjoy a restful night’s sleep




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Edited by Sophie Victroia Brown and Natalia Zmarzlik.

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