Why are young people struggling to sleep?

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We talk to a sleep expert and a wellbeing specialist to find out what’s behind this latest health concern.

After several videos going viral with the top liked video at 1.6 million views stating young people’s sleeping pattern have changed from 12:00-2:00am to 4:00-6:00am.

Some young people are even calling it the ‘sleeping pandemic in the UK’ with Tik Tok videos on sleep supplements having accumulated over five billion views.

To see if the hype was true, we conducted an Instagram survey/poll with the results being 86% in agreement so far. As well as, talking to some young people to hear their thoughts on the matter.

Sleep expert Dr Colin Espie gives reasons why young people are struggling with sleep and what he recommends to help preoccupied minds, while wellbeing expert Lynda Smith also demonstrates a range of techniques and practices such as affirmations, yoga, mirror work and box breathing to help people sleep earlier.

Hayley Jones reports for Artefact TV.

Featured image by Hayley Jones

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