Women of colour: Making it to the front page

Violence against women of colour unearths an uncomfortable truth, one which makes us question our worth in this society. The tragic death of Sabina Nessa, a 28-year-old British Bangladeshi women, has reignited conversations on the deep-rooted problem of racism.

Anita Mureithi, an editorial assistant at OpenDemocracy questions the role of media and society and states: “It’s the realisation that to a big chunk of society, our lives our very little.” Meanwhile, Katrina Mirpuri, a journalist who was one of the few who took to social media to create awareness about Sabina Nessa, talks about the “dire need for societal change”.

The sheer disregard of violence against the women minority is a serious issue, and one which should get everyone thinking about all the other women whose stories never made it to the front page.




Featured image by Anchita Khanna.