Telling London’s untold stories

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Let’s unpack London’s news — because Londoners deserve to stay informed!

In this episode of London This Week, the show provides a comprehensive overview of diverse events happening in London.

The show kicks off with a spotlight on the changing sleeping patterns of young people, who are now experiencing what some people call a ‘sleep deprivation pandemic.’

A survey conducted by the host, Hayley Jones, reveals that 86% of young Londoners are facing difficulties with sleep, leading to an exploration of potential solutions, including the popularity of sleep supplements on TikTok.

The hosts then shift their focus to a significant housing development case in Aylesbury, where housing campaigner Aysen Dennis successfully won a court case against developers seeking to demolish the Aylsebury Estate.

This victory prevents the displacement of residents in favour of high-rise, expensive buildings. The story highlights the resilience of local communities in the face of such challenges. Louisa Benotmane interviews Aysen Dennis over a cup of Turkish tea.

The episode also covers cultural events, such as the Canary Wharf Lights Festival, offering thirteen distinct installations emphasizing the fusion of beauty and technology.

Reporter Katy Spisak braves adverse weather conditions to provide a firsthand account of the festival. Lena Mohammad covers the launch of a new exciting magazine, DominAsian. She interviewed the cofounder of the magazine and their editor in chief.

The show concludes with an exploration of Tate Britain’s latest exhibition, Women In Revolt, as reporter Norma Estrada provides viewers with an inside look at the showcase celebrating women’s contributions and struggles.

Overall, the episode delivers a dynamic mix of news, cultural exploration, and advocacy for the local community.

Presenters: Hayley Jones – Katy Spisak

Reporters: Norma Estrada – Louisa Benotmane – Lena Mohammad – Hayley Jones – Katy Spisak 

Camera: Louisa Benotmane – Amir Haghighat (Winter Lights Story)

Script Writer: Norma Estrada 

Editors: Hayley Jones – Norma Estrada  

Interviews: Aysen Dennis – Aylesbury Estate – Lynda Smith – Brent Cross – Dominque Bailey – Sue Ridge – Dr. Colin Espir – Lina El Bakkali  – Canary Wharf Light Festival – Women In Revolt Attendees – DominAsian Launch Party 

Music: ELPHNT – Emmit Fenn – Chris Haugen – YouTube Studios 

Featured image by Norma Estrada

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