‘It’s pretty dire’: Struggling for a post-university job

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Recent graduates talk to Artefact about their experience in the London job market and give advice to other soon to be jobseekers.

Graduating from university can be a daunting affair. You are no longer in the comforts of education where an embarrassing night out is your worst worry. Now, you’re in the “real world,” and the idea of that can be terrifying.

But fear not, you are not alone!

Whilst they won’t be able to give you a job, these recent graduates offer advice and words of comfort based on their experiences in both university and the world of job seeking.

Although these six graduates are based in London, their words of wisdom (or sometimes lack thereof!) can be reflected widely, not only in the UK but for those abroad as well.

The world is an ever-shrinking place with fluctuating uncertainty and everlasting dread, so take comfort in the fact that everyone else is feeling more or less the same! Take what advice you can and do your best to secure a job in the future!

Featured image by Tim Gouw via Unsplash.


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