Thriving to Survive: The truth about health anxiety in your twenties

1 Mins read

Health anxiety is not the ideal way to be living your best life in your twenties. How does one cope with the challenges of being diagnosed with a health condition and the other emotions that come along with this?

Young people are always deemed to be invincible. We are always used to hearing people say that younger individuals in the world are able to recover swiftly from illnesses or are illness prone.  

It is always easier for others to say this instead of acknowledging that there are many individuals in their prime experiencing health anxiety on a frequent basis.

It doesn’t make it any more fun that there are constant fears over the overwhelming flood of emotions that come with dealing with the realities around health issues – especially if you are so young. 

With all the expectations around young people achieving such goals like getting their dream job, graduating from university, to taking on the responsibilities that adulthood throws at you such as balancing between work and simply having carefree fun, it feels like more than just a difficult task juggling with the effects of worrying around anything health and medical based.  

In this podcast episode of Thriving to Survive, we talk about some of our personal experiences with being diagnosed with such illnesses in our twenties, with sharing how this has affected our ways of living and what advice we have for anyone young that might be going through the hardship of health anxiety. 

Featured image by Pablo Heimplatz via Unsplash.

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