From used car adverts to Indonesian child jockeys, October has seen some awesome music video content. We’ve picked five of our favourites.

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite (For Sale)

Norwegian disco hero Todd Terje revives his early-2014 belter Delorean Dynamite with this piece of low-budget brilliance. The video doubles up as a genuine ‘for sale’ ad for the 1981 Delorean featured.

Tiga – Bugatti

More retro motoring vibes. The functional robotics of Tiga’s Bugatti have been paired with a heavily synchronised and surreal video, accurately described in its promo as “like a Wes Anderson movie on techno and acid”.

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Chicago four-piece OK Go deliver a slab of super-catchy electro-pop with an ambitious video to boot, all drone camera shots and choreographed scooter manoeuvres.

Murlo – Into Mist

UK grime trailblazer Murlo blurs the boundaries between animation and hyperreality on this one, where ancient mythology meets futurist psychedelia.

Andy C & Fiora – Heartbreak Loud

It’s hard to believe this is DnB veteran Andy C’s first official music video, given his 20+ year career. He’s made it count, with a stunning snapshot of the child jockeys of Sumbawa Island, Indonesia.

Featured photo by Makoto Kubota via BBGun Press