When a stranger calls…

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What’s it like being woken up by a phone call from a complete stranger on the other side of the world?

If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, you can find out by using the Wakie app. It lets users set times for random people around the globe to give them a wake-up call.

It doesn’t reveal phone numbers for privacy purposes but gives the ‘waker’ 60 seconds to make the call, with a remaining 10 seconds as a warning before the call gets cut off automatically.

I decided to try the app myself and see how it feels to be woken up by an unknown voice. I set the alarm for 7.00am and the call came through at that time.

” Hello?” I said a little awkwardly.

” Good morning. Wake up. I hope you have a really good day,” said a female voice with an American accent.

” Hey, thanks hope you have a good day too”, I replied in a daze.

I don’t know if she had just woken up, or if she was stoned, but the lady on the phone sounded rather dozy, too.

It was a fun experience but I would have been happier to wake up to someone a bit more cheerful. We both hung up. The call was quick and casual – it wasn’t the time to socialise.

Originally launched in Russia back in 2011, the Wakie app was rebuilt earlier this year and is available for free on Android and iPhones to anyone tempted to repeatedly hit the snooze button.

Wakie co-founder Hrachik Adjamian said: “We make people happy with the voice of friendly strangers from all over the world who try to make you smile in the morning. When you use this app, you get to start your day with a smile on your face instead of a frown.”

You can watch the Wakie promo video here:

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