Luci Monet

It took a cousin’s performance at a family gathering to convince Luci Monét that she should try her hand at singing.

“Everyone started complimenting her and I thought, ‘Hold on a minute, I do that everyday!'” recalls the London-born singer-songwriter, “I used to think that everyone could sing!

“That’s the moment I realised I had a talent. From then on, I wanted to become part of anything that would allow me to sing, which is why I started singing in a choir. It was an amazing experience.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.03.35 1With a voice that has been likened to Kelly Rowland’s and her debut single ‘Balloons’ now available, Luci feels ready to chase fame and fortune in the music industry.

As well as her years in the choir, she also gained valuable experience as part of a girl group and is using that as she focuses on her career as a solo artist.

Currently unsigned, Luci enjoys the flexibility of being self-managed and making her own decisions: “Being in full control is amazing but difficult at the same time. Everything down to writing, booking and arranging studio sessions is all down to me.”

Having a manager is, she says, something she would consider when the time is right: “I’ve got many ideas so I’m hoping to get signed one day. I am very hands-on anyway, and would still like to have creative control over what kind of music I’m putting out.”

Luci’s music is already reaching a large audience – even if they don’t know it’s her they are listening to– as ‘Balloons’ has been added to the playlist of the company that provides background music for House of Fraser stores. She laughingly admits: “I find myself shopping there just to hear my song!”

All of Luci’s work is self-written and based on her life experiences: “I write about things my family and friends are going through. The producer will play a beat that just fits the scenario that I heard about in the morning through a friend, and I end up writing according to what I see or have been through.”

So your friends know that when they talk to you, their stories might be turned into a song? “That’s it,” she says. “That’s exactly it. They do!”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.08.04Monét’s style of music is a unique combination of House and R’n’B. “It doesn’t fit into a specific genre. It varies completely and is just a representation of me. It reflects how I was feeling that day in the studio and depends on what I wanted to express.”

Luci does not let any pressures surrounding young female artists get to her, opting to turn any negative energy into something positive. With her upbeat outlook on life, she has a unique way of reminding herself to remain humble.

“Monet was a French impressionist painter whose paintings were amazing and flawless from a distance, but up close you could see some cracks and the lack of detail. As a musician, a lot of your fans will think that you are flawless and amazing.

“But family and friends close to me will know my flaws. I chose that [stage] name to forever stay humble, no matter what happens. I know that I am just like anyone else and so do not feel pressured to try and look a certain way to be perceived like a star. It’s more the opposite effect; I have this talent and I am blessed, but I am just like you.”

So would she say she has an alter ego for performing?

“Not really. When I am backstage about to perform, the adrenaline is just there, and that gives you confidence. It’s a different type of confidence as to when you’re not on stage and you when you aren’t being watched by so many people. But it’s not an alter ego, it’s just me.”


Catch Luci performing ‘Balloons’ at Music Junkie LDN at The Stillery in Camden on June 17, 2015.

All images provided by Luci Monét