Surviving summer festivals

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The festival season is fast approaching. The sun will be out (hopefully… this is England, remember), the drinks will be flowing and the music will be blaring.

For student festival-goers, it’s a time when everyone celebrates the end of the academic year and looks forward to their holidays. However, whilst you are free from studying, you’re going to have to do your homework before going to party and remember the do’s and don’ts when at a festival.

Don’t be influenced by party drugs

We all know festivals scream out ‘drug central’. They are places where many are off their nut. But if you want to have a good time and more importantly remember your experience, try and avoid party drugs. Cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine are all no-no’s. They will completely wreck your festival experience and could really damage your health if your body reacts the wrong way to them. Plus police and security staff will take as dim view.

Don’t wear your best clothes (especially footwear)

Dress like you know what you’re in for. You can still look fresh and funky without wearing your best gear. Just keep in mind there is a big chance they’ll get wet and muddy – like I said, this is England the weather is almost bi-polar. You can stay with the trends too, (this year is the Barbour jacket and wellies). Also, don’t forget to bring at least four different outfits if you’re staying for the weekend. You’re gonna need them.

Take some wet wipes with you (and other hygienic accessories)

I can almost 100% guarantee that the toilets will be revolting. Make sure you bring some wet wipes with you in case there nothing to wipe with; you’ll also need them to clean your hands before and after meals and even freshen up in the morning, as the showers as just as bad as the toilets. The same goes for deodorants, hand sanitisers, dry shampoo sprays – bring them all with you. Being an animal on the party scene doesn’t mean you have to smell like one, too.

Mark your tent

If you’re sleeping at the festival make sure you label or mark your tent. The last thing you want is to lose your bearings late at night and go crawling into someone else’s. I’d advise to to put a bright coloured ribbon which makes your tent stand out.

Go with good friends

Make sure you’re spending your time at the festival with a good group of friends. You want to be having the same amount of fun as the people you’re with. Don’t go with someone you know will want to have an early night and try make their way back to the tent at 10pm because that’s not going to happen.

Keep your valuables with you

Keep all of your money with you and do not leave it in your tent. It’s a festival with thousands of people, not everyone is as kind-hearted as you are, there will unfortunately be thieves trying to steal stuff. So ensure it’s all on you and do not carry too much with you, either. Bring a sufficient amount which you’ll know will last you for the time you’re there.

Pace yourself

Yes, you’re excited and you probably want to get smashed like everybody else, but relax! Don’t drink what you can’t handle. If you know four beers are enough for you, then leave it as that – don’t drink the extra one to impress your mates and end up passing out in the middle of the crowd. You’ll be the sucker, no one else.

Stay charged

Charge your phone and camera fully before you go. You don’t want to suffer the same dreadful experience I did when my favourite artist hit the stage and I pulled my phone out to see I was on 1% and it then died on me. Now the only memories I have of it are in my thick skull. More importantly, if you lose your mates and have you no way of contacting them, you could be on your own for quite a while.

Stay hydrated

You’re going to be on your feet all day, dancing, walking around and dehydrating your body with all that alcohol, so make sure you make time to drink plenty of water. Your body is going to need to stay hydrated throughout your crazy party times. Once again, you don’t want to pass out and ruin your fun.

Last but not least… HAVE FUN!

After reading all these rules, don’t forget to have fun! University is over and your summer’s begun. These festivals come around once a year so make sure you make the most of them and you have enough stories to talk about when you get home (though don’t share them all with your parents).



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