Son vs daughter: Mother’s Day gift guide

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When Mother’s day comes along, we’re sure plenty of you have no idea what exactly to buy and if you should even buy something at all.

Is it imperative for you to buy a gift? Is it another pointless celebration that shouldn’t exist?

If Mother’s Day falls close to her birthday, the thought of buying another gift is quite draining due to the whole thought process and the hit you take to your wallet.

Some prefer sentimental gifts, some prefer to just go to their nearest shopping centre and pick up anything they can find.

Here are our top five gift ideas for those who do want to treat their mothers to something this year:

1) Laura Mercier Body Souffle (£45.00)

  • Slightly on the pricier side of the spectrum but it is undoubtedly a gift every mother would love. It comes in 4 different scents that make it easier to find something that would appeal to every mother. Described as a nourishing milk cream, it is also perfect for this time of year where the temperatures have been unkind to the skin!

2) Taste of Britain hamper (£35.00)

  • Priced at £35, this John Lewis Taste of Britain hamper is the ideal Mothers’ day gift. The hamper includes a range of “very British” luxury themed snacks and who can resist a bit of shortbread? Additionally, it also comes with Farrah’s Original Toffee, The Wooden Spoon preserving Co. Strawberry Jam, Montezuma’s Eton Mess Pudding Bar and The Original Cake Company Mini Square Topped with Mixed Cherry and Almonds. The picnic basket is also a bonus!

3) Small Cake Stand with Dome (£25.00)

  • A piece of kitchenware that is essential to any kitchen, a cake stand! This piece from M&S is reasonably priced and would be a thoughtful gift for any mother, especially those who love to bake. Even though it is a cake stand, it is quite versatile and can be used for other food such as sandwiches and scones. The clear colour also makes it suitable for any type of kitchen or living area.

4) Triple Metal Photo Frame (£19.99)

  • Photo frames will always make it seem as though you have put extra effort into the gift, even though trawling around looking for suitable photos can be considered effort, it does not require as much thought as it looks. Pick three family photos and the gift will be one of sentimental value, which any parent would love. Priced reasonably, it is also a neutral colour which can be stuck up on walls or even left on windowsills, tables and generally anywhere around the house.

5) 250ml Cocoa Gin (£15.00)

  • For the gin lovers, this is the perfect gift. It is described as a “classically cool and crisp English dry gin” but it does have a twist. The gin is infused with flavours such as lemon zest, juniper, coriander and roasted cocoa shells, to name a few of many. It is the perfect substitute to just buying a standard Gordon’s gin gift set and the slight twist makes it seem more thoughtful.

A small gift can go a long way but have you ever wondered who is more likely to buy the mothers gifts on mothers day? A son or a daughter?

While thinking up a gift guide, we thought it would be interesting to speak to both female and males about what exactly they buy their mothers and if they buy gifts at all.

To our surprise, males were just as likely to buy gifts as females for Mother’s Day.

“I definitely am someone who thinks its important to buy your mother something on Mother’s Day. Actually, if it was up to me, everyday would be Mother’s Day! One day a year should not be seen as a big deal to treat your own mother!” said Jay, who we stopped on Carnaby Street while he was on the run to get a present for the occasion.

The response was more or less similar from everyone – some would go out of their way to buy extravagant gifts whereas some kept it simple by getting a bouquet of flowers delivered.

The majority of large department stores dedicate sections in store and online to mothers day due to the money making opportunity it presents.

According to Mintel, a global market research and market insight company, “Britons are estimated to have spent £510 million on products for Mother’s Day in 2015.” but when comparing genders, “research from Mintel reveals that men spent £12.18 more on mum than daughters did.”

[pullquote]“Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events in the retail calendar, with the majority of Brits purchasing for the event.”
Nick Carroll[/pullquote]

The explanation for this could be that men are more likely to leave shopping till the last minute, therefore more likely to have bought on impulse.

It is an opportunity no big retail company wants to miss with retail analyst Nick Carroll saying: “Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events in the retail calendar, with the majority of Brits purchasing for the event.”



Featured image by HJL via Flickr CC

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