Supermundane, Gods and Demons

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Artefact | Liberty Issue

Artefact | Liberty Issue

We in the <i>Artefact</i> team are delighted that Supermundane has designed our latest cover – we love the use of playful, poppy colours. Rob Lowe, the illustrator behind the pseudonym, joyfully interprets our liberty theme as freedom of expression.

Lowe finds freedom of expression: “hugely important and should be defended. It also should be treated with respect and used with the one thing that is truly free, the freedom to think.”

A Tamworth man, who lives and works in London, Lowe has had an impressive 20 years experience in the creative industry. His distinctive work has been published and exhibited worldwide. The V&A and Apple are big name clients, showing Lowe’s level of success as a commercial illustrator. With magazines such as Sleazenation, Anorak and Fire & Knives under his belt, Lowe has worked on many groundbreaking and independent magazines.

The Liberty cover follows Lowe’s ongoing project You Made Me; a collection of mesmerising, God-like faces, drawn with spewing mouths.

When explaining our front cover’s design, Lowe said: “the idea behind it is – I think we make our own Gods and demons. Only we have the ability to create freedom. I thought it fits well with the Liberty theme.

“I think the idea of liberty isn’t about us all loving each other (which is an unattainable goal and frankly ridiculous), it’s rather about being decent to each other, allowing others to have views that counter your own.

“A quote I do like is ‘Please – a little less love and a little more common decency’ by Kurt Vonnegut.”

  • Illustration of the word Look
    Supermundane Illustration

Artefact’s Liberty Issue front cover illustration by Supermundane

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