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Black Friday and the 'new normal'

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The best tonic is chronic; self-medicating with cannabis

Concerns over delays to child surgery


Yoga and the whale

5 Mins read

Is Yoga something to consider when suffering with mental or physical pain? And what is it like to lie down directly underneath a giant blue whale skeleton?

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The Bank of England reveals its history of slavery

Does London need another giant superclub?


Jazz: No sell-by date

12 Mins read

With the discussion around the idea of Jazz dying as an art form, we look at the people who disagree with this idea, as they continue to keep the genre alive. Putting their own personalities and influences into their music, they recreate the way in which we listen to Jazz.

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I got hit by a girl

Nana: Punk rock and Vivienne Westwood in the world of manga

What defines El Anatsui’s 'Behind the Red Moon'?

The best tonic is chronic; self-medicating with cannabis